This article was published in 2012.

If you are from Leeds or the surrounding areas you may be familiar with the live music promoters 'The Crow Knows Music Ltd', maybe you've been lucky enough to attend one of their events. However, you may not be aware that proprietor Daniel Clark also dabbles in the creative side of things and following several years of performing, the young Yorkshireman has finally recorded his debut EP.

'British Summertime' is a collection of songs written by Clark over the years whilst performing with session musician Ryan Barry. Each song represents a different side of Clark's writing style and collectively the three mildly weather--themed titles complete his first foray into a fuller band sound.

The opening track, 'Broken Stones', depicts a rarely--experienced political side to Clark's writing, whilst '19 Degrees' portrays a much more familiar idyllic form of story--telling, recalling "One of those days, where the big black clouds fade away".

The final track of the EP, the slow--tempo 'Sunshine Eyes', was the first song ever written by Clark, who is joined by Amy Ladd's on backing vocals for this hauntingly--moving love song.

'British Summertime', produced at Loom Studios by the esteemed Grant Henderson, is available to download from today, 1st April 2012, via on a 'pay what you want' deal.

The EP will be supported by an intimate Summer tour starting late April.