This is a review of "Another Change of Plan" recorded by Random Hand. The review was written by Richard McMaster in 2012.

Random Hand re-release their 2007 debut 'Change of Plan' under the new moniker of 'Another Change of Plan' re-mastered and sounding better than ever complete with the long deleted 'On the March EP' and a previously unreleased track.

The album kicks off with 'Play Some Ska' which sets the tone for the coming onslaught perfectly, blending the catchy with the aggressive. 'Scum Triumphant' follows suit before two stellar songs in the form of 'Milk and 'Snakes and Ladders.' The former seems to seamlessly blend an aggressive chorus with a bouncy Ska verse while the latter is straight up brass led Ska-Punk at its best.

The band's ability to show their varied musical influences shines on this record; 'Anthropology' is a great example of this, a spastic mash up of hip-hop, ska, punk and metal with a killer siren loop. Lyrical themes from the band revolve around gritty, realistic views of a socio-political nature.

To close the album we have a 6-minute epic 'Danger Makes Enemies' with its psychedelic brass and the gang chant of "This is not a war" which makes a tremendous impact.

Included in the package is the "On the March EP." 'Tear Down' and 'Morally Blind' are straight up Punk Rock songs but nonetheless manage to include other musical influences at will. 'Mr Bib Wakes Up' brings to mind a Ska-Punk System Of A Down with its incredible speed and tongue twisting vocals. Unreleased track 'Fury Fix' is another speedy number with a brilliant Ska riff-tastic verse before bursting into a metal chorus, another example of the effortless transition in Random Hand's music.

'Another Change of Plan' is a tremendous album from one of the UK's best underground bands. If you like Sonic Boom Six and are itching for a fix of some multifaceted Ska-Punk then this is a highly recommended package.