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My name is Jade Helliwell. I am a singer / songwriter and music is my life. I have always loved singing since being a small child singing into hairbrush 'microphones' to my idols - singers like Celine Dion, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston. Having followed my childhood passion, I am now singing into real microphones and playing my own music to anyone who will listen. I've not been writing songs or playing guitar for that long, but I'm passionate about both, and people seem to like what I do :) I love playing and singing my music for people, and can regularly be found performing in clubs, pubs, acoustic events, festivals and the like. I've been lucky enough to do some exciting stuff like opening up for the legenary Smokie, appearing on a number1 UK dance chart album, performing at lots of christmas lights turn-on events and even winning some competitions. I'm also now planning to record an album soon, which is very exciting!.