This is a review of "Wolf Hand" recorded by Pulled Apart by Horses. The review was written by Carrie Beth in 2012.

Pulled Apart by Horses say that new single, Wolf Hand, is: "our very own piercing tale of forgetting about ageing and staying forever young;" and the choice of video captures that pretty well, showing the band goofing around in someone's back garden, home-video-style, leaping into cardboard boxes and through panes of glass, in what looks like the setting of a kid's abandoned birthday party.

Wolf Hand is the second single from PABH's latest album, Tough Love, following on from first release, V.E.N.O.M, both of which have been on Radio One playlists and are building on the band's reputation as an engaging and energetic live act.

The song kicks straight into an early Nirvana-style grungey, bass-heavy riff, that I defy anyone to listen to without nodding their head along or getting their foot tapping. With only about three lines to the song, the lyrics are fairly self-deprecating and anthemic, passionately shrieked by singer Tom. "When I was a kid I was a dick; and nothing changes!" The pace picks up towards the end with a frenzied attack of drums and screaming declaration, "well I don't care!" It's addictive and the fun, yet slightly disturbing, video does a great job of making us want to hit the replay button.

If you'd like to check out Pulled Apart by Horses for yourself, they are set to perform on the main stage at this year's Leeds Festival on Friday 24th August.

Wolf Hand is released on Transgressive on April 23.