This is an archive of the band profile for 10,000 Things.

Sam Riley (vocals)
George Riley (bass)
Davro (guitar)
Will Newman (guitar)
Justin Jackson (percussion)
Stob (drums)

"Now that Leeds has been anointed the new Manchester of the North it needs its own Oasis and this ragged 6-piece easily fit the bill..." Steve Jelbert The Times

Rumour has it there's a volcanic new scene waiting to erupt in the vicinity of Leeds, if that's so then at its core must surely be 10,000 Things, a six-man explosion of riff and mischief who are stunning large, rowdy crowds every time they play in the city.

They've been together for two years honing their skills in basements, pubs and dingy rehearsal spaces, and are now ready to unleash their rockin' mash-up nationwide.

Singer Sam Riley writes eloquent cries of everyday life - boys struggling with the rent, arguing with their loved ones, drinking to forget their rubbish jobs - but they're never maudlin. These are life-affirming songs with wit, humanity and fierce energy.

A recent show at the Camden Monarch attracted jaw-to-the-floor comments such as: "The New Yorkshire Dolls", "Un-fucking-believable" and "the sexiest band I've ever seen". Heads turned, adrenalin rushed and hearts throbbed. Do not miss them when they come your way.

Now they have recorded a d├ębut EP on Domino/Dusty Company with the legendary Phill Brown, a man who was in the room when 'All Along The Watchtower', 'Stairway To Heaven' and 'Sympathy For the Devil' were recorded. It took one look at 10,000 Things live in a Leeds back street, to convince this venerable producer that here was the stuff of future legend. And yes, the sessions included a run-in with the law, a cross-country dash, a sideboard full of skunk and a lake of milky tea. And that was just day one..