This is an archive of the band profile for Sanhedrin.

Reece Holloway - Vocals / Keyboards
Parmahn Azad - Drums & Rhythm Guitar
John Houghton - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Alex Glover - Rhythm Guitar
Tom Blakemore - Bass Guitar

Sanhedrin was originally formed by Reece Holloway & Parmahn Azad, two like-minded individuals who wanted to explore their interests in Black & Death Metal. The group was formed in early 2009 in Huddersfield, England.

Initially Parmahn (Guitar/Drums) and Reece (Vocals/Keyboards) shared ideas which became the basis of their first Demo. This material was recorded in Parmahn's flat and was simply intended to showcase the project.

John Houghton and Dan Oldcorn were then recruited into the band on guitars and bass respectively. The band then entered the studio to record their 2009 Demo, the first to feature a full lineup of instrumentalists.

Dan soon left the band in late 2009 after several live performances based on musical/creative differences and eventually joined death-thrashers 'Merciless Terror' and long-time friend of the band Tom Blakemore was brought in on bass guitar. The band then played several more live performances before deciding it was time to start the writing & recording process for the band's debut album.

A lengthy home production effort ensued as the band put some finishing touches on the recording phase and after months of mixing and mastering the band released their debut album 'Salvation Through Sin' on 29th November 2010 to critical praise.

Sanhedrin continued to play live shows around the UK to promote the album and in 2011 completed a 16 date UK-wide tour with Merciless Terror and has shared the stage with such bands as: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Sworn Amongst, Oblivionized, Ethereal, Revokation, Burial, Funeral Throne amongst various others.

With some new and more focused material, Sanhedrin re-entered the studio in mid 2011 to record their brand new 3-track EP entitled 'And On Into The Eternal Nether...Of Forgotten And Stricken Souls'.

Released on 11th July 2011 for Free Download from the band's Facebook, the EP was met with enthusiasm and praise from the metal community and reviewers alike..