This article was published in 2012.

Those dark noise destroyers from Leeds, known as Black Moth, have been causing a bit of a stir recently with 'Chicken Shit' the giveaway taster for their upcoming debut album.

Now they finally get to deliver the full package. Entitled 'The Killing Jar' this dark and intense riff monster is set loose growling and snarling into your local record emporium by New Heavy Sounds Records on May 7th.

You can order 'The Killing Jar' online now from Rough Trade Records on either CD or vinyl formats.

The tracklisting for the band's debut album is:

1. The Articulate Dead
2. Blackbirds Fall
3. Banished But Blameless
4. Spit Out Your Teeth
5. The Plague Of Our Age
6. Chicken Shit
7. Blind Faith
8. Plastic Blaze
9. Land Of The Sky
10. Honey Lung

'The Killing Jar' will sport a full colour gatefold sleeve, with awesome cover art by Vania Zouravliov, one of the best and most distinctively talented illustrators around. His beautifully intricate style, infused with hints of decay and corruption, superbly complements and captures the mood of the music. Decadent, detailed and vaguely frightening.

Pressed on 180g transparent white vinyl, with a lyric sheet and a free download of the whole album, this first pressing (limited to 500 copies) is a must have collectors item in the making.

And if you're not in possession of a record player, you can get it on CD as well.