This is a review of "The Mt. Sierra Trip" recorded by The Mt. Sierra Trip. The review was written by Tom Anderson in 2012.

Halifax's The Mt. Sierra Trip are here to take you on a dreamy, psychedelic five song journey. From the opening feedback drenched chords of 'Colbalt, Idaho', to the swirling outro of closer 'Karis', this is an impressive debut from a band that shows promise throughout.

The overall sound is reminiscent of the shoegazing found on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, or some of the calmer moments found on a Deftones record post-White Pony. The vocal's echo and the guitars buzz while effects swirl from every direction. This is also to say that if you're looking for something instantly catchy and accessible, you might be looking in the wrong place. The hooks aren't immediate; this is the kind of music that grows on you and eventually becomes addictivw. Track 3 'Wax' is a stand out, starting with softer acoustic guitars before the rhythm section speeds up and a catchy electric riff enters the mix.

The production, courtesy of Matthew Johnson at the Suburban Home studio (based in Leeds) is sharp and punchy, although some of the instruments can blend together at times. Nonetheless, for their debut EP, it sounds outstanding and they've definitely got a unique sound locked down.

Based off this five song EP I can definitely say that The Mt. Sierra Trip are a band with a sound that manages to stand out from the pack, and are ones to watch. If noisy, trippy rock sounds like your cup of tea, don't hesitate to give this a go.