This is an archive of the band profile for Andie Mills.

Mills is lyricist, singer and bass player for Lo-Fi rock trio Monmon

He also co-runs the record label 'Joli Rouge' which releases Monmon related material.

He has also played for A Mess of Skin, La Costa Rasa, Sneetches (uk), and has recorded and released various solo projects, ranging from shit-kicking hexadecimal 8-bit sampler-led dance music to finger-picked celtic-influenced folk music.

He plays bouzouki and guitar on his latest LP, and occasionally performs gigs with songs dating back to the fifteenth century.

He once had a indie chart top ten single.

His first novel "Plastic Paddy" was published in december 2010. A tale of petty thievery, substance abuse, mental illness and obsessive infatuation, it is available as a numbered, limited edition from