This is an archive of the band profile for Domina.

Avalon Peacock - Electric Guitar / Vox
Joe Love - Drums / Percussion

The moment Avalon Peacock and Joe Love take the stage you know you're going to witness something quite special.

Collectively known as "The Loups" the leeds-based duo.

Originally from down south, via France and New York, Avalon brings a variety of eclectic influences and together they somehow manage to sound both familiar and startlingly original.

Joe has a fascinating style - pared back, minimal kit, very expressive.

It's like having a conversation on a steam train whilst listening to Jacki Liebezeit pop bubblewrap. Avalon uses her voice and guitar to great effect continuously overdubbing vocal harmonies with angular guitar lines. She flies into unknown territory tethered only by Joe's pulse.

Extraordinary to listen to, very skillful, very beautiful.

- Peter James Adamson.