This is a review of "Karolina" recorded by The Scandal. The review was written by Katriona Gilmour in 2012.

The Scandal are 3 Leeds boys making a funk-tastic noise and Karolina is their new 5 Track EP.

It kicks off with some rousing guitars, a resounding bass and intricate beat emanating from the drums. Tinged with a hint of blues, it is reminiscent of Ocean Colour Scene, combined with a raw edge to the vocal and a distinctive Yorkshire inflection.

Karolina, the title track, does have a warm and familiar feel while demonstrating some great guitar skills. There is a definite maturity to the sound and you can hear a host of influence to this funky indie rock. George Fayle has a real 'raspy' tone to his voice which is a perfect accompaniment to their style. At this point I am halfway through the EP and suitably intrigued.

There is a common theme throughout that binds each song together and I really like the effortless flow they create, from one track to the next. There are some interesting tempo changes and certain riffs could be mistaken for the jam at the start of Jools Holland's show. Nice!

Collectively, these boys have a great sound and I am sure there is much more to come from this trio. I imagine this would be a great live show and I might find myself at their next one! I will look forward to hearing more from these Yorkshire lads.