This is a review of "British Democracy and Other Myths" recorded by Redgrass. The review was written by Katriona Gilmour in 2012.

I was quite excited by the description of Leeds based Redgrass, a 3 piece folk-driven bluegrass band using a hint of political thought....Mmmm. However, I must admit my ignorance at this point, having not heard of Bluegrass or Skiffle...cue Wiki!! I am sure you are not all as clueless as I, but, for those who sources tell me it is a form of American roots music, a sub-genre of country, fused with early Jazz. It is focused on stringed instruments such as acoustic guitar, fiddle and banjo.

Now Enlightened, I was looking forward to being introduced to a bit of Bluegrass folk. I am rather fond of a good serving of controversial music and I proceeded to listen.

Confused and sounded a bit like a drunken rant with the backdrop of a banjo. The first few songs are monotone and I found them hard work. In part there were too many words for the music and a rush to fit them all in. Old Grey Men, the third endeavor into this EP made me laugh, although I'm not sure if it was supposed to? All I could think of was 'Folk Face,' Dom and Dave from The Chris Moyles Show.

Well into the EP, there are no signs of improvement; it was out of time and out of tune.

On reaching the 4th track, She Was Pissed, It can only be described as plinky. Fetch the Doctor, is 5 on the list and in line with the lyrics...I was feeling sick! Something about the NHS and a few political name drops.

I really want to be positive, so I will say that the guitar at the start of the final track, The War Song, starts off well. Altogether it is marginally less monotone than the previous, and there are some pitch changes making it vocally more adequate. Needless to say I was grateful for the end.

Sorry boys, I am sure you are all very nice, musically talented and love what you do, but I have to say this was all a little lost on me. Maybe the right audience would be more appreciative.