This is an archive of the band profile for Halcyon Days.

Halcyon Days are a Keighley-based band playing original upbeat Brit-rock, influenced by classic melodic guitar bands from the '60s to the '90s.

The seeds of the group were sown in 2010 when singer/songwriter Gaz Blackburn started playing solo acoustic sets with a handful of self-written tracks. His first ever gig he organised for charity in honour of his best friend, who sadly passed away aged 23, and it was at that very first gig where he met and became good friends with guitarist Chris "Fudgy" Farrugia. Sharing many of the same likes and influences, they began jamming together, and the combo of Gaz's riff-driven songwriting and honest, relatable lyrics with Fudgy's melodic flair started receiving positive feedback at performances.

After some months gigging on the local circuit the duo decided that having got a tight set together they would attempt to expand Halcyon Days into a full band, adding Simon "Si" Halifax, a good friend of Gaz's on drums. Things were looking good. Then into the band room walked Matthew "Matty" Stringer on bass, who had been in a punk band with Si a few years back which split and went their separate ways. Now Si and Matty would be bringing their own styles and influences to the band, banging out quality beats and shit-hot basslines behind some really good songs Gaz and Fudgy had worked on.

That first day as a band in that room, they knew it felt right. There were smiles all around. No egos, bickering, or bad feeling - it was like they had been together a while. This was definitely a new chapter for all of the members, giving Gaz the freedom to write songs from different angles for the band as well as using some of his earlier solo material. Now forming together as one, Halcyon Days was officially a band, But not just any band. A band that are still marching through whatever life throws at them, to fulfil what they set out to do - make good quality music, play live to as many folk as possible and let the songs speak for themselves..