This article was published in 2012.

Leeds Underground is a 7 day grassroots music festival that will be taking place across city venues in Leeds from 16th to 22nd August.

Leeds Underground celebrates and actively promotes the great and varied tradition of live music across the city. The festival aims to showcase local talent and raise awareness for Martin House Children's Hospice, and with many venues 14+ they will be able to accommodate some of the younger bands from the local music scene along with their fans.

Highlights from the week include seven nights of live music at Empire, including the Metal Fringe, and local promoters Beat Surrender who will be hosting hosting three nights of under 21 bands.

Leeds Underground brings together local promoters and venues who put on events all year round, and they have on board a brilliant mix of regular local promoters and artists and venues.

This year's team currently includes: Acoustic North; Beat Surrender; Grain Division; Hempen Jig Promotions; Jonathan Edwards; LeedsAcoustic; Lyrically Justified; MaƱana Nights; Mr. Gary C; Rocknation; Subject Citizen; The Crow Knows Music; This and That Promotions; and The Yorkshire Gig Guide.

The current venues are Carpe Diem, The New Conservatory, The Dry Dock, Empire, Baby Jupiter, The Well and The Midnight Bell.

By allowing promoters and venues to run their own night as they wish, Leeds Underground will showcase an eclectic mix of music throughout the week; everything from extreme metal, hip-hop and dubstep to indie, pop, folk and traditional renaissance music.

For more information, updates or to join in with Leeds Underground visit or email info [ at ]

The opening night of Leeds Underground takes place on 16th August at The Well. The event is open to anyone aged 14+.