This is an archive of the band profile for Old School Enemy.

...a very wise man once wrote, this band is like riding a motorbike. You stamp down on the kick start and it fires up for a moment before spluttering dead. So you try it again, and again until eventually you take a deep breath, stop messing about and give it a ball breaking kick. The bike explodes into life, and the next thing you know, you're speeding along with the wind in your hair, tears streaming from your eyes, and all you can think is "Will this sodding thing ever stop?"

Well that's Old School Enemy for you!

History defines who you are and what you do. Like any band out there, Old School Enemy has had its own little slice of history; incredible highs, heart wrenching lows, break downs, false starts and misfires. Yet despite it all, this old dog has kept on barking, licking its balls and refusing to be dragged away to the barn by the farmer with a shotgun.

So what exactly makes this band what it is?

Take one vocalist, who is akin to Captain Cavemen in a distillery, add to that a drummer who has only two gears, 'hard' and 'fast'. Sieve in two guitarists, one who is a skiprat and should be found working The Waltzers on a fairground and the other a punky looking hobbit from the wrong end of the shire. Finally whisk in one bassist who looks like a Cluedo piece and is more than prepared to bleed for his music.

Ram in at 100 degrees and...........DONE! One Old School Enemy.

Cooked up in Bradford, the band has been going since mid 2009. Playing their own brand of filthy beer rock, OSE has taken to the stage like Freud took to dope.

It's not just 5 musicians that make this band, but an array of past members, family, good friends, supporters, and everyone who is helping make Old School Enemy the mammoth music bastard that it is..