This is an archive of the band profile for Glass Caves.

Pontefract 5-piece Glass Caves are building a feverish and faithful following through busking original material and heavy gigging throughout the North of England. In a short number of months the band have shifted thousands of their tracks on the streets and online, along with selling out notable venues in Leeds, York and their hometown. They have supported the likes of Metronomy, Dry The River and The Sunshine Underground on the northern legs of national tours and are set for more big dates in 2013.

Glass Caves fuse agitated rhythms, yo-yoing guitars and dissonant keyboard sounds with vocals that splinter then soar through their songs. They come at you like a band channelling the spirit of American alternative bands, such as Local Natives and Fleet Foxes, through a very British filter to produce perfectly formed morsels of ballsy alt-rock..