This is an archive of the band profile for Beautiful Feet.

Beautiful Feet have been on quite a journey since their birth in 2000. There have been some highs, some lows, some things that have amazed them and some things they'd like to forget!

After graduating from Leeds University and losing their bass player and gaining an array of keyboards, Beautiful Feet produced their Ep 'Something In Mind' that won national praise from the music press. Logo magazine heralded them "Songs to fall in love to, and with". "Beautiful Feet excel at the kind of intimacy that can only be achieved in a wide open space: the privacy of a crowded festival field or the bubble that grows around lovers in a crowd.. An impressive beginning."

The Yorkshire evening post cited the band as "Acoustic Wunderkinds" and dubbed the opening track as "Glorius". The year began well with a support slot arranged with Ooberman and The Feet winning the New Fusion Awards. Then came the Frisbee.

Rich (Drummer) brought a new meaning to the word 'Ultimate Frisbee' when his participation in this leisurely activity resulted in a bad wrist injury. The band, adamant not to get a stand-in, were forced to take a 10 month break during the healing process. The Feet spent the time song writing and as soon as they could, they were back in the rehearsal rooms. Honing a set of new songs, and twisting the sounds of their instruments, Beautiful Feet began to make something undeniably fresh.

March 2004 became the official re-launch of the band, with a brand new member on bass (James Muckelt), and the press soon began to hot up with news of their come back gig. Sandman Magazine deemed it "THE must see gig of the month" and Radio 1's Chris Moyles even got in on the action. Moyles told the nation live on his Breakfast Show to go to the gig in the "Great Leeds", which set the stage nicely for their head turning return to the Music Scene.

Beautiful Feet is about crafting the perfect song. It may be about capturing the sound of a heart breaking, or expressing that feeling you sometimes get that you just can't quite explain.

It never stays the same. It's always about passion.

The latest line-up may begin to shake off the 'Acoustic' label with ventures into the wonderful world of electric's and synthesisers, but the foundations of strong song-writing will always remain.

With hints of The Cure, The Doves, Damien Rice and Elbow, Beautiful Feet have created a sound of their own that will take you on a journey of energy and soul..