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I'm Jonny Goode...I'm a Singer/Songwriter, busker, punky acoustic guitar player, producer and general music nut currently based up in the Yorkshire Dales and recording my debut solo album, This Is England. Songwriting to me is writing about meaningful, real stuff. My surroundings, things that piss me off, adversaries and personal failings all get thrown into the pot. Sometimes that's not such an easy thing to talk about and so I constantly remind myself to keep it simple, stupid.

My Story (I'll keep it brief)...I grew up in the backward hick city of Norwich. A beautiful place but not the best for an impatient, petulant young musician, so off I set to London where I resided for 7 years; performing at most, if not all of the capitals' major venues (and shit holes) and busking around the tube stations to fund my musical career. I worked with a number of bands in the role of producer, band member and co-writer. Highlights included working with members of Babyshambles and having my production work championed by Nick Cave (Squall Lines, David Whitwell). I performed a lot, I learnt a lot, I wrote a lot and I went slightly mad.

My musical likes and influences...I love anything with a good melody and the more melodies the better. I'm also quite an impatient guy when it comes to listening to songs. I just can't handle long intros and widdly guitar solos! Songwriting wise my two favourite bands/artists are Blind Melon and Elliott Smith, for their honest and real songwriting. I love the anger and frustration of bands like The Jam and The Clash and also the social writing of Ray Davies. These different elements over the years have all contributed to the sound I have today, recently described to me as melancholic rock...I liked that..