This is a review of "Smiles" recorded by White Heat. The review was written by Joseph Moynihan in 2012.

So, here we have the debut release from Leeds based 5 - piece 'White Heat'. The band draws its influences to such classic acts as 'Slowdive' and 'My Bloody Valentine' as well as more recent favourites as 'Ringo Deathstarr'.

This two track single begins with a song called 'Smiles'. The track slowly swells in with some nice guitar feedback, before switching to some sweet-as octave based riffing, letting some big ass drums and a driving bass join the party. It is at this point the first verse is underway, with the Lead Singer providing some soft, floating, Debbie Harry-esq vocals over the top of the heavy ensemble. The chorus is memorable and induces instantaneous feet tapping with some nice vocals and lead guitar work twinning each other before going back into the main riff. The rest of the track follows and we hear some more nice feedback sounds on the break down. A good track for a debut single and these guys have achieved a nice raw sound. If I had any criticisms of the song, it would only be in terms of its production. At certain points in the track the Lead Vocals appear to be drowned out by the Lead Guitar but that aside, a sweet ass track.

The second track is 'Hymn;' this is definitely my kind of track. Starting low with some twinkly guitar work, it builds and ultimately draws to a massive crescendo of fuzzy tremolos that pleases the ears. This is a track written to be played at a massive venue. On the breakdown, in the middle, we have the repeated line of "Just Let It Go". I can just imagine this being busted out at a festival, arms up in the air, most probably slightly intoxicated, feeling the music, an absolute corker and trippy as...

All in all, this is a very good effort from "White Heat". This single provides us with a glimpse of what's to come from these guys and with an album release scheduled for the end of this year, these guys are definitely ones to watch out for.

The single will be available in 7"(limited) and online download from August 20th, for more information on them, their shows and their music check out their pages: