This is an archive of the band profile for Helicopter Quartet.

Helicopter Quartet grew out of the ashes of Leeds-based band Catscans and the ruins of the concept that looking for a new drummer every six months was a good idea. Without a drummer, or even beats, we have been free to explore textures and minimalist structures in careful detail and have come up with something that is more than simply 'ambient'. We don't just fill the space,we take you to new ones - and sometimes leave you there, blinking in confusion and often fear.

Once described as 'Post Everything', our music is carefully crafted to go from "gosh that is beautiful" to "Ow my ears hurt" via "I'm scared", taking you on a journey that's like Alton Towers built inside a ghost train.We have a violin that sounds like a banshee being tortured by an evil genius squid and a guitar that sounds like hell is about to engulf you with white-hot popcorn.

You might not come away from one of our gigs feeling in a dancing mood, but we hope you will have experienced strange and dark places that stimulate the imagination, and the ears.

"thick with beauty. Not anodyne prettiness, not superficial attractiveness but beauty as awe-inspiring force of nature"

We are:

Chrissie Caulfield: Violin, Synth

Michael Capstick: Guitar, Bass.