This is an archive of the band profile for Brody.

Matthew Duggan - Vocals
Tom Allen - Guitars
Dan North - Bass
Ric White - Drums

After forming in early 2001 in West Yorkshire, Brody quickly established themselves as a popular act in Northern England, releasing their debut KKKK (4/5) Kerrang! Rated EP to a packed house at Leeds' esteemed Cockpit venue in February 2002.

With influences ranging from Soundgarden, Tool & Alice in Chains to Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley & Faith No More and containing a blistering collision of heavy riffage, soaring melody and diverse shades of texture across five strong songs, the EP went on to sell out it’s first pressing after various tours around the country including a 2002 summer tour featured on the BBC Radio One website.

Further packed hometown shows including various festivals and never ending good press led to an independent label picking up and re-releasing the EP for it to sell a further few hundred copies after a 2003 spring UK tour and Brody then re-entered the studio in the summer to record a follow up.

After a week with Mark Daghorn in New Rising Studio's, Essex, "Torn from a Warm Place" was finished – showcasing four tracks from Brody’s diverese set, including live favourite "Miles Away", independent Leeds label Blunt Monkey release the EP late October with a supporting tour to accompany it – always heralded as a live band, Brody are well worth catching live..