This article was published in 2012.

Eclectic rockers Belladonic Haze have been doing the rounds in Leeds for quite some time now, while all the while working tirelessly on their eponymous debut album. The album itself is a mixture of rock, from face melting old school rock like Strange, always a crowd favourite, with fans 'getting down' in unison with the lead singer. Sleazy Rock sounding Scarlet Woman, which has been described as 'cock rock'. More melodic rock ballads like 'The Land That Time Forgot' and 'Smoke and Mirrors', with emotive guitar solos that will literally make your spine tingle. Catchy indie style pop rock from She Loves to Argue (...but she never debates) and Getting Old, which always sees the fans dancing around. A hint of acoustic rock from Fool's Game, and acoustic driving rock style with Putting Out, which features the frontman rocking out on a harmonica! And if all that's too much excitement for you, there's a couple of piano love songs on there. Deborah Anne is almost reminiscent of early Queen, and I See Her Walking in the Rain Again is a tender love song that tells a story and is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Belladonic Haze are already playing new songs in their set that are just as mixed and random, and are looking forward to starting work on a second album. Get your hands on the debut album and enjoy it while it's fresh!

The Album, Belladonic Haze, is available to buy in Jumbo Records and Crash Records in Leeds City Centre, as well as Amazon, itunes, CD Baby and other online retailers, and is available to listen to on Spotify.