This is an archive of the band profile for Venusian Plow.

Venusian Plow is a musical project led by Felipe Petry (a Brazilian based in Leeds). The music is co-written by Petry and Steve Pedley (a Yorkshireman). The band was born in 2012 when our first album was released. The 2-track single Park for Cars is out on 27/05/2013 and is the group's second release.
VP's music is conceived in a way that avoids - although not completely - inherent cliches, which are very likely to be in-built in human nature*[citation needed]. That includes our harmonic, melodic and structural choices. We are not claiming to have reinvented the wheel, but merely to be offering a less predictable listen in exchange for more meaningful rewards at the end.
Don't expect obvious Latin flavours. They are in there somewhere together with all the other tastes we grew up getting used to - and also a few ones that have been overlooked by popular culture. This is eclectic pop music..