This article was published in 2012.

Leeds Underground is a celebration of local live music across Leeds during the week leading up to this year's Leeds Festival. It is a multi-venue, multi-genre event that brings together local promoters and venues from the 16th to 22nd August.

With this year's line up now in place, boasting established acts such as Tom Hingley (ex-Inspiral Carpets), Laika Dog (feat Tony Wright from Terrovision), Dan Audio and Talk to Angels, as well as featuring new young talent, such as Marsicans, Paperplane, Bury The Ladybird and The Mexanines. In all, around 100 acts have been booked for the week. Younger fans are welcome at Empire where all 7 nights are 14+.

The event, now in its 3rd year, has been a collaborative project, and brings together all that is great about live music in Leeds, giving a platform for everyone to be involved and have a say about how they want their city to be represented. The mammoth task of organising such a huge event, with so many people involved from its inception, is testament to the music community here in Leeds, and shows huge passion and dedication to showcasing some of the regions finest talent. Not only is Leeds Underground a musical event, it is an event about community spirit and celebrating local music businesses as well.

Leeds Underground is also a charity event, raising much needed funds for children's hospice Martin House. All proceeds will go to the charity.

The Grove Inn, one of the participating venues, organized a preview event last weekend, with over 30 acts taking part, raising just over £600 for the charity.

The full schedule of live music for Leeds Underground 2012 is:

-- Thursday 16th August --

CARPE DIEM: Little Triggers / The Covelles / Carnabells / Apollo's Basement

EMPIRE: Utopian Love Revival / The Wax Collection / Tom Gee Band / We Like Humans

BABY JUPITER: Pony and Trap / Chris Martin / Gerry Cooper / Lisa Marie Glover

THE WELL: Littlemores / British Racing Green / Sharp Darts / PaperPlane

-- Friday 17th August --

THE NEW CONSERVATORY: Mr Gary C / Scott Wainwright / Rupert Stroud / Matt Bentley / Steph Stephenson / Toby Hind

EMPIRE: Lifescreen / Chasing Dragons / Down The Machine

-- Saturday 18th August --

CARPE DIEM: Screamin' Sisters / Vacant Kiss / The Program / Toba Caldera / The Ran Tan Waltz

DRY DOCK: Standout Riot / [Pop]Ulation / In Fear of Olive / Will Tun and The Wasters / Great Deeds / Tetchi / La Shrimp / Rob Galloway / Ashwin Thomas / Pilla

THE NEW CONSERVATORY: Tom Hingley / Sharp Darts / Kascarade / Asios Eyes

THE MIDNIGHT BELL: Sebastopher / Steven Preacher / LeeSun Clarke / Look Yonder / Fran Smith / Cosmic Charlie's Big Mouth / Bat in The Saddle

EMPIRE: Crysis / Triaxis / Broken / Evilyn / Project Metropolis

-- Sunday 19th August --

CARPE DIEM: Dan Audio / Dariush Kanani / Bad Koala / Spitfire Empire / The Jawline of Julianne Moore / Sawsound / Andrew Overfield / Petrol Bastard / Rory Scammel / Chief Wigz & Sonar Cousin / Rory Holl and The Men

EMPIRE: Laika Dog / Beretta Suicide / 14th Night / The Occupier / Indianic

-- Monday 20th August --

EMPIRE: Marsicans / St. Somebody / Talk To Angels / French Soul Party

-- Tuesday 21st August --

EMPIRE: Quentins Basement / Life in Colour / One Stop Railway / The Scandal

CARPE DIEM: Claire Cameron Band / Giant David / Miranda Arieh

-- Wednesday 22nd August --

EXMPIRE: Catfish and The Bottlemen / The Mexanines / PaperPlane / Midweek Blues

CARPE DIEM: Tytania / Next Stop Atlanta / Bury The Ladybird / Melvin / Selby Green

OPORTO: Mickey P. Kerr / Hayley Gaftarnick / Rich Wells / Halsted Clan

For more information please head to the Leeds Underground website.