This article was published in 2012.

The Gonzo's are launching a charity single on iTunes on the 14th september called 'Insult to Injury' in aid of St. Gemmas cancer hospice based in Leeds.

The launch event is at The Cockpit (room 2) in Leeds and costs £4 a ticket from the band if you post on their Facebook page, With Dandy and Delions, Hold the Reins and The Blacktop Clan supporting, it is due to be a great show.

The Gonzo's have recently undergone a line up change, with Sam Price coming in on drums while Tom Hinchcliffe moves to guitar. The addition of Megan Croll as another vocalist has increased the bands versatility, seeing widespread praise from newer audiences.

St. Gemmas Cancer Hospice do great work for people who suffer with cancers and The Gonzo's thought it was was time to give something back to the community. They recorded the new single, 'Insult to Injury' , with a B side of 'Sucking on a Shotgun' at Star Studios and said they were "very pleased with the final result".

If you can, attend the launch 'cause this is due to be a big one.