This article was published in 2012.

Behold, the multifarious Leeds rockers who have for over a year now been tickling the taste buds of the Leeds music scene with their scintillating mishmash of musical ecstasy, and recently blessed us with their long awaited debut album, have finally bestowed upon us their first music video.

The band strangely opted to go for the most delicate and tender of their album tracks, I See Her Walking in the Rain again. A far cry from the manic, sex fuelled performances that one might have come to expect from a band that has been affectionately described as 'Cock-Rock'. Nevertheless, the video has been beautifully and tastefully shot, and for anyone who has seen these guys live, it just goes to show how musically varied they really are. A rare taste of the usually raucous front man showing off his gentle side as he elegantly tickles the ivories, which we haven't seen him do live yet. A rare treat for the fans.

Directed, produced and edited by Philip Stuttard, who also helped to produce the band's debut album, this video will take you on an almost tear inducing journey. Showing studio footage of the band playing, peppered with story telling love scenes and some nicely placed fan pictures over a most exquisite piano solo, all mixed with the most beautiful words that tell of one man's angst at being so deeply in love but sadly held back by insecurity.

Check out what we hope will be the first of many great videos to come!