This is a review of "BASS LANE" recorded by Bearfoot Beware. The review was written by Cat Keller in 2012.

Loud, thrashy, hard and melodic? Brilliant. This is Bearfoot Beware, the Alternative Rock trio, from Leeds and I think it is safe to say that they definitely know how to make an EP to shock the system.

'BASS LANE' excites me, it's chaotic, rough; edgy and shatters my ear drums which every listen. The three tracks fulfill my fix for a 'heavy band' without overpowering me with noise to give me a headache. Being a math rock fan, I'm also drawn to this EP with the relentless tapping that makes my teeth chatter. Although I keep blabbing on about the fact they are LOUD I also feel the Bearfoot Beware have a very calming element to them; this EP should be listened to with an open mind as it holds a mix of different musical genres within the case. Lets just say, if That Fucking Tank went out on a date with This Town Needs Guns 'BASS LANE' would be consumed for pudding. What makes this EP outrageously brilliant is the element of experimentation that has gone into the preparation. You can taste the amount of love that the three piece have for making music.

'BASS LANE' - a guitar geek's haven.