This is a review of "Places" recorded by St. Somebody. The review was written by Katriona Gilmour in 2012.

Available now on Bandcamp, 'Places' is the third single release from St. Somebody. Having already proven their quality, this track is a great progression and displays the breadth of their talent. Placing themselves in the indie pop arena, I see it as a little more rock. Pop is increasingly becoming a dirty word and for me these boys are better than that.

With a soft edge to the lyric writing, it tackles the fear and emotional apprehension of falling in love. Rob has a distinct voice that does not deny his Yorkshire roots, with a real charm that reaches into your soul as he bares his. Supported by gentle melodies that wrap around your heart and captivating harmonies, St. Somebody are growing stronger. Underpinned by beautiful guitar riffs and radiating beautiful bass lines, 'Places' has the ability to transport you somewhere else. Listening to this you get a real sense of the feeling of love and loss, but 'Places' is light and warm, building through to a crescendo and frantic drums to an abrupt end.

'Pseudonym,' as the B-side to Places offers a retrospective look at being too scared to make that leap. It is gentle and tender, offering you a heart warming tale and feeling the angst and the fear of that moment when you almost say something then retreat. There is a mature depth to this acoustic track and stripped bare you really feel the emotional connection within this tale.

What can I say...Yorkshire music restores my faith in popular music! I'm already excited to hear what comes next. Who needs shitty bland 'radio whatever' when you have music like this coming out of our very own locality? If you like the Maccabees (Colour Me In - Era) and Little Comets right now...Try a bit of this!