This is a review of "Kebnekaise" recorded by Wot Gorilla?. The review was written by Miles Spilsbury in 2012.

Wot Gorilla? are a scintillating new math rock outfit hailing from Halifax, creating palatable rock for math, indie and alt rockers alike. But I defy anyone not to bob their head to this infectious band. Their unique style blends jagged riffage with Mat Haigh's distinctive vocals, and 'Kebnekaise' definitely feels like a very self-assured first album. Guitar work from Haigh and Ben Farnell on the album is inventive and keeps the stylised sound fresh throughout. Standout tracks include the singles 'Snow White' and 'Is' but all songs are very listenable and certainly no mediocre album fillers found here.

Production is completely appropriate, not Lo-Fi per se but very natural and at times raw sounding, which complements the music. Plenty of quirky surprises to be found in 'Kebnekaise,' some segments even plunge from the apparent safety of bouncy pop-rock into the realms of gut-busting hardcore.

While I very much enjoyed the album, their sound may not be for everyone; the individual vocals, syncopated guitar work and the slightly random nature of some of the songs will certainly divide audiences. But what with this extremely likeable release, I have no doubts that Wot Gorilla? is one to watch.