This is a review of "Iconoclast" recorded by Phluid. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Phluid's "Iconoclast" EP, a three track CD, features the band returning to a much more raw, energy driven sound. Influences throughout the dark metal-inspired sound range around the core of pure metal, with definite rock and pop aspects popping up around it. What is also so interesting is that despite the raw guitar riffs, there is the intense clarity in the vocals - a factor that isn't something you'd immediately talk about when discussing this genre. The harmonies, when they occur, are good and drive songs forward.

What is also immediately obvious is that whilst metal, rock and pop jump out at you, there is very little in the way of "punk", something that makes this refreshingly new. Saying that, this reminds me of a mix of bands such as early Terrorvision, Wildhearts and Three Colours Red, altogether having a party with Def Leppard and Motorhead.

The opening track features the line "You are a girl, am I a boy?" and a sing-along chorus. "Desolation" is rougher, but still poppy at heart. Raw, power chord heaven, the recorded band sound nothing like the Kind Adora-influenced sound I remember from their live show. This is in-yer-face stuff, but nice enough for the indie kids to enjoy too with "We are Innocence, We are your Creation, We are Everything, We are Desolation" the highlight of another memorable chorus. My personal favourite.

"Freak" closes the CD off, a Headbangers Ball classic, if ever there was one. The only focus on punk comes in this song where a Sex Pistols induced mental bashing sticks out its head.

Little I can say, other than this is an improvement on "Can't Stop The Sliding" and that in itself was rated highly in national media such as Kerrang. Says it all really.