This is a review of "Deadlights" recorded by Otiks. The review was written by Katriona Gilmour in 2012.

Beautiful and haunting, erring toward a psycedelia inspired dance beat, Deadlights is a cleverly crafted track. Deft guitar riffs, delicious bass lines and creative synths, weave this disquieting horror scene together. The vocal drops, adding to the atmospheric nature of the track, having a Morrisey style vibe; albeit more animated.

Based on Steven King's IT, Otiks paint a bleak landscape and sing of a profoundly pessimistic and desperate plea, as they taunt you in this mildly disturbing dramatisation.

Tense lyricism drawing you into your worst nightmare, chasing you through the night, you get the sense there is no escape from the fear...

"I froze with fear and my stutter came back, I g-g-guess it's t-t-time for another try..."

You feel the urgency, heartbeat pumping, the rhythm replicated by the beating of the drum, as the track gathers momentum, before reaching a chilling climax.

Otiks, have an undeniable echo of the musical quality that Leeds is producing, right now. I think, like their name, we can expect more bizarre and unusual tales to come, following Deadlights. I will definitely look forward to hearing their next installment!