This is a review of "LTGTR" recorded by King Nothing. The review was written by Tim Hoadley in 2012.

80's Hair Metal is a genre that smacks of 'Guilty Pleasure' right? Come on we've all played air guitar to Motley Crue, and we ALL wish we were Wayne Campbell at that Alice Cooper concert, but that's where it ends right?... I went to an Andrew WK gig recently and this sense of guilty pleasure ran through my mind throughout the build-up to it. What followed however, was an astonishing, unabashed, feel-good party - hosted by people who were going to have the time of their lives regardless of anyone else, but if you got on board...well, so much the better.

Having caught King Nothing at a few gigs around town, I must admit to being curious as to how their take on 80's hair/glam rock would translate off stage and onto a laptop. The press release suggested that 'LTGTR' (what this stands for will become apparent at many points during the song of the same name) would 'Make Love to your Ears', a dubious, and if I'm being honest, rather disconcerting claim, but giving this line of work it was risk I had to take.

Arguably one of the hardest working bands on the Leeds music circuit, King Nothing have been around for 6 years, playing in pretty much every Northern Town in England. With more than a healthy amount of line-up changes throughout the years, it's more than likely that at some point you have been in King Nothing! The nucleus of the band, that however has remained unchanged and it is these elements that come across strongest throughout this EP's duration. Vocally all three tracks are robust as they are melodic, and the guitar on its own carries enough weight and veracity to endorse the 'Metal' element of the aforementioned style of music.

'Sweet Lady Cheap Trick' is easily the best sounding track on this EP and the most representative of the King Nothing you'll see on stage. Well produced and fast-paced, this is the killer track on the EP. 'SLCT' not only demonstrates the tightness of King Nothing's core members, but there is also no 'grower' tag to attach to this song - it's instant. From the unrelenting, savage pace of the song, to the beautifully self-indulgent guitar solo, it's everything you want to hear from a band representing this genre.

Title Track 'LTGTR' follows quickly on the stiletto heels of 'Sweet Lady...' and again fails to disappoint. Although not as immediately accessible, 'LTGTR' is King Nothing on a plate. Bolshie, arrogant, piled high with attitude, but with the ever-present invite to their party, arms open wide, beer in hand.

'Bad Blood' wraps things up where this EP is concerned. A rampant charge up and down the length of a guitar neck; dancing in between Jovi-esq melodies, picking up Skid Row's discarded denim jackets along the way.

An EP will always only go a limited distance in replicating the live experience and 'LTGTR' almost gets there. However with this band, I don't think that's the point. King Nothing wants you AT their party! They want to share guilty pleasures WITH you, (hell, they probably ARE your guilty pleasure!) In a world of radio-friendly, internet-era, marketing-conscious groups; sometimes the best tunes and the best party comes from bands that focus more on believing in their music, and having a good time making it. Let the good times roll....