This is an archive of the band profile for Kill The Silence.

Kill The Silence, a Post (Hardcore) outfit from Leeds, UK. After receiving rave reviews from their 2015 Self-Titled EP, are back with their new single LEather. In a hit against the political establishment, they are standing up for the plight against the young.

"In amongst the pile of bad teenage bands posing as playing metal and rock, there would be one band that would stand out, that had talent, that you thought 'yeah, these guys might make it'. Think of that band. And now think of Kill The Silence." - Danny Judge, Mosh @ Hit The Floor Magazine.

"Kill The Silence burst with violent intensity from the murky underground of Leeds, and present us with their self-titled EP. An EP that, if received correctly, could possible begin a redefinition of the post-hardcore genre." - Craig Roxburgh, Bring The Noise.