This is an archive of the band profile for Embrace.

Embrace had wanted to work with Youth ever since he produced early singles “All You Good Good People” and “Come Back To What You Know”, from their Number One debut album “The Good Will Out”.

After those 1997 and 1998 releases they’d more or less produced themselves, but for their fourth album “Out Of Nothing” - their first for Independiente - Embrace needed to shake things up a bit.

The three months that Embrace spent in the studio with Youth were, says Danny McNamara, a nightmare. But by hook and by crook Youth licked Embrace into shape. He wanted Embrace to make the truly great album he thought they were capable of. In the closing weeks of the recording sessions, everything clicked for Danny McNamara.

From the older songs he and younger brother Richard had been stockpiling over two years‚ solid writing began to grow wings - “Someday”, the verse of which McNamara had written eight years ago, the same week as “Come Back To What You Know”, was rounded out into a rafter-rattling soul explosion. The brand new ones turned into four-to-the-floor monsters - “Ashes” is a huge song, epic without being windy, loud without being “stadium”. The title track was one of those emotional, cathartic ballads that Embrace do so well.

The first song released from this new Embrace is “Gravity”, written by Coldplay’s Chris Martin..