This is a review of "Gaps in the Border Fence/In Foreign" recorded by Esper Scout. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2012.

Sitting down listening to 'Gaps in the Border Fence' I'm treated with an opening melody that brings my head space into the music that is Esper Scout. It's a kind of melody you could just let play and develop in the background while you meditate. It works well so that when the whole band kicks in they have your complete attention. The rhythm is tight; the vocals are soft but with a slight feistiness to them which creates a nice layer over the guitar riffs. I also can't help but admire the production of this track; it works in conjunction with the music to create a dreamlike state. Even when distortion kicks in this is built on. They create a droning sound reminiscent of stoner rock/doom metal. Don't worry it's not heavy enough to put you off if you're not into that kind of music. But if you're familiar with it you'll see the connection. And to top it off you don't even notice that 7 minutes have passed by when the song ends.

Then the track switches to 'In Foreign'. It keeps the same tone the first track started with but this time it stays throughout the majority of the song. There is an abrupt change halfway through but this will actually feel welcome, it helps so that when they go into the final section there's a bit of a lift that probably wouldn't have come across as well without this change. Overall 'In Foreign' isn't the kind of track you have to particularly pay attention to but it does stick with you. You miss it when it's over and it becomes almost a mindless act to just hit replay on the whole single.

Two songs clocking in at just over 12 minutes and in all honesty it generally doesn't feel that long at all. This is a very well put together single that has me anticipating what Esper Scout would produce if they put an album out. Don't just check this out because it's free, it's actually decent rock music that deserves your attention.