This is a review of "Crackpot Summer Lodge" recorded by Black Wolf Catch. The review was written by Stacey Fawcett in 2012.

Black Wolf Catch describes themselves as 'a trio that create heartfelt indie music with a unique and quirky twist.' This happy little record is certainly heartfelt indie music, but I am still yet to hear the unique and quirky twist. It has all the makings of a good indie record, emotional lyrics, staccato drums and guitar breaks with a few twinkly bits. But that is about it really. It isn't bad at all, just nothing truly memorable. In a live situation this band may work better and could be successful but as far as this record goes I'm not quite getting it. The direction of the band is what I don't get as there are some pop punk elements which could be nice if explored, possibly making more use of the female vocal presence.

If you are a fan of Indie music, then you will like this.