This is a review of "Reprise of Swing" recorded by Paul Stone. The review was written by Stacey Fawcett in 2012.

The uplifting feeling you get from the 'Reprise of Swing' is unbelievable. Paul Stone (a modern day Jack Jones) croons his heart out on this record which fancily looks like an old record. With a mixture of old songs such as Barry Manilows 'Could it be magic' and new songs such as Kings of Leons' 'Sex on fire' showing that this music is for everybody to enjoy, and that people should not be scared by anything slightly 'jazzy.' Paul Stone is a true singer unlike a certain Michael 'autotune' Buble. The live band really adds an excitement to every track as it is nice to hear the obvious enjoyment in the creation of this record. There is no reason why this could not be a massive hit, it has commercial elements in regards to adverts or films.

If you are ever having a bad day, stick this is in your car and if you don't feel happier then there is something clearly wrong with you. Paul Stone could be the next big thing.