This is a review of "Richard Parker" recorded by Richard Parker. The review was written by Stacey Fawcett in 2012.

The depth and scope of flowing melodies produced by Richard Parker are effortless and pristine. They describe their music as 'void of pretence and ego, just instrumental music that will hopefully move you without the use of words and lyrics.' This is evident in their music; with it being instrumental it has to be spot on. When I think of instrumental music, my first thoughts of this are that it is brave as there is no hiding away behind vocals, Richard Parker show you that it is possible to pull this off easily.

My only concern is that I can't imagine a two hour stage set at a festival with this kind of music but if you like music that isn't entirely commercial (which isn't always a bad thing) then this is your thing. The music shows that the band are performing from their souls, but not for money, just for the love of music and if you want to share that with them then buy this album.