This is a review of "She's a Rollercoaster" recorded by Carnabells. The review was written by Katriona Gilmour in 2012.

These lads don't mess about! Within the first few bars of 'Station Road', the leading track of the EP, you are submerged into a full-on foot-tapping, indie-guitar led assault. I get the feeling that Carnabells music is not an imitation, but more of a homage to the real rock and roll indie, that appears to have lost its way. They belt out their music with such infectious energy and an unmistakable Yorkshire lilt, you can't keep still. It will undoubtedly draw references to the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and the Arctic Monkeys, but it has a more upbeat and punchy delivery, which will hook you in and make you smile.

There is something of an 'old saloon bar' sound on the keys, which makes it stand out and offers something a little different. 'Rock 'n' Roll Beat', has maybe more of The Strokes influence about it, but with added grit. Leading into 'The Puzzle', which has an overall feel, tainted with a little of sound of Jet 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'. This is music you can't help but love. Closing with 'Skipping Stones', reminiscent to childhood carefree days.

'She's A Rollercoaster' has a common theme that ties all the tracks together. Songs of frustrations and the addictive nature of young love, delivered with a high dose of optimism. What Carnabells create is some real indie guitar with classic rock and roll ditties, supported by the fierce drums throughout. These boys hit it hard and you can feel energy blasting out of the speakers. I bet they have blown a few sound systems in their time!!

High energy indie attack! Carnabells are raising the bar for Leeds Indie bands...This is the sound of Yorkshire! Check it out, and I defy you not to smile!