This is a review of "Urgency" recorded by Test Transmission. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Dark, ambient music is normally subtle by nature, and to create that effect while still retaining their rock sound is something which Test Transmission should be respected for. A lot of the musical ideas on this EP show that this is not only a band full of good musicians but also good song writers. The first two tracks ('collateral damage' and 'with you'), are a good indicator of this style. Sadly a bad mix highlights the main flaws rather than embellishing the good aspects of their sound. The vocals, mostly shared by between Connor Mcdematt (vocals and guitar) and Louise Mcdemid (vocals and bass) are not fitted into the mix well. Connor is clearly the weaker vocalist, but seems to be given priority over everything which can make tracks a little difficult to get through. The drums are probably shown the least love, almost disappearing on the track 'Coalesce.'

Test Transmission are at their best when Louise fully takes the reigns vocally and at the instrumental sections of their songs. Thankfully the track 'Our Promises' is a great end. It's just a pity that the whole EP wasn't on the same level as this track. Overall this is an amalgamation of good ideas and bad delivery, but it's worth keeping an ear open for what this quartet will produce in the future.