This is a review of "Tales" recorded by Lost Ground. The review was written by Stacey Fawcett in 2013.

My first thoughts when I got sent this was, what the hell is 'Mathcore'. Turns out it is just metal with screaming. The 4 track EP and the 2 separate tracks available on their bandcamp may as well be on the same album. If you split the songs in two i.e. the vocals and music. They are fine separate but together they are just not working. This could well be a mixing issue as the vocals don't sit in the song.

But musically the drums are fine, a bit sloppy sometimes but acceptable. The guitars are heavy and take charge within the track along with the bass storming through each song.

Generally the music doesn't sound believable, that's the main issue. Music should be filled with passion, not sounding like this. Maybe Lost Ground is an appropriate name after all.