This is an archive of the band profile for No Hope Without Liars.

No Hope Without Liars is a Leeds based Alternative Rock band which was formed in September 2012. It consisted of two members of a previous Alternative Rock band Retrograde Jason Blackburn and Ryan Needham. Due to members leaving for other commitments Ryan and Jason continued playing music together and looked for other decisions. In July 2012 they found Jamie Crampton to play bass guitar for Retrograde and as a trio they began to write the first song of a brand new set. In September 2012 the band introduced Ben Labbett to play rhythm guitar and temporary lead vocals. Although the band continued to look for a separate vocalist they were happy with the vocals Ben produced and decided to settle as a 4-peice band.

As the band became fully formed the decision was made to re-brand the band and put the Retrograde era behind them. The name No Hope Without Liars was selected and new promotional material was released under the rebrand. A brand new set was written with high paced and heavier songs than previously. The song Butterfly Effect was kept from the previous Retrograde era and reworked under the new persona..