This is a review of "Post Breakdown Blues" recorded by Harry George Johns. The review was written by Glen Pinder in 2013.

This mini album/EP from Harry George Johns rises from the ashes of break-ups and breakdowns, the sound of late nights and early mornings resonates throughout these six songs.

Album opener "Drink myself to sleep" is testament to this, part howl at the moon and part lament to lost love and foolish hearts.

As it is with "All you can do" the theme remains, with a slight nod to Ryan Adams, Love is Hell era melancholy, only with an image of sitting watching the sun rise over Leeds with a bottle of Whiskey, sad euphoria, reflective yet hopeful of the distant horizon.

"Tie your own noose" is a brilliantly catchy Country jump shuffle, all bottle neck guitar and handclaps propelling things forward, plus a vocal that ranges from soft and lilting to a growl and a holler. Yet sadness hides behind the bluster, the "I'm so alone" refrain could sound contrived in lesser voices, but is carried home by the song-writing and delivery of Harry George Johns.

And it's the song-writing here that really shines through, searching for the reflection and redemption that only music can bring, each song thoughtfully constructed and executed.

As shown on "Morning Song" and "Hospital Blues", where finding yourself at the bottom of a bottle and climbing your way out to find, maybe all is not lost.

This is a damn fine collection of songs and shows a talent really growing into himself, amid torrid times the life raft to hold on to is the hopeful redemption of love, friendship and music.

And in these six songs we might just be a little closer to finding it..

Fans can find the album at Harry George Johns bandcamp page.

Release date: February 17th 2013.