This is a review of "In Another World" recorded by Ryan Spendlove. The review was written by Glen Pinder in 2013.

"In Another World" sees Ryan Spendlove stepping out from the shadows of his former band The Blueskins and revealing himself as a singer/songwriter of some distinction.

Here there are few, if any over-dubs, vocal or otherwise, just one man and his guitar putting life and love to rights, and wonderfully so.

With a Bert Jansch style of finger picking unfathomable time signatures, and the flair of the Blues greats like Robert Johnson and Blind Willie McTell, each song arrives fresh and fuss free.

"Seek me out" is a gem of a tune, subtle guitar weaving and guiding the lyric of yearning and the distance between far away lovers. Heartbreak and loss permeate throughout the record, as on "When we're out of time" and the Spanish Gypsy lament of opening track "Back in this Place."

Though silver linings abound on "Eleanor" as unrequited love comes to fruition in this short but breezy number. Title track "In Another World" finds our troubadour in a reflective mood, stating what all us guys deep down know but never actually admit, that, In Another World we'd be better men, but as we aren't, we're not, so take us as we are or leave it.

All this is a great showcase for an artist spreading their wings and wrapping them around gentle hymns, like a friendly arm over the shoulder of the inconsolable, this album is one to sit with and cherish, so let the fires crackle and press play...