This is a review of "Sun Will Rise" recorded by I Am A Car. The review was written by Tania Burnham in 2013.

J S Gordon aka I Am A Car categorises his musical project as one which manifests itself in the ambient, minimal and experimental genre. 14 tracks of - you guessed it - ambient, minimal and most certainly experimental music later, one has mixed feelings about his latest release, 'Sun Will Rise'.

The opening track seems to be imported from a motivational tape - a robotic sounding voice sprouting words of encouragement which tell me I am "good" (thanks) and I "don't deserve this" (whatever this is). It's a nice touch, but somewhat uninspiring. What follows is 13 tracks which meander through various musical experimentations which sound cosy on the ear but are often hard to differentiate between.

At the same time, it's hard not to appreciate the creativity that has gone into this musical offering. The layering of sounds in 'Big Fucking Nothing' is particularly pleasing, 'Sea Turtle Dance' actually conjures up images of its title (maybe that's just me?) and stands out as being less ambient than its counterparts, whilst the 51 second 'Sadness As A Sporting achievement' sounds delightfully like a child - with good musical talent for their age - tinkering on an xylophone.

That 'Sun Will Rise' is experimental cannot be denied, but there's nothing that really stands out about this album as it feels like there should. Though music of this kind is not overtly relied on to raise the roof, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be memorable which sadly, this isn't, despite its creativity.