This article was published in 2013.

There must be something in the water in Yorkshire which brings about kick ass heavy riffing. With the emergence of Pulled Apart By Horses, Hawk Eyes, Blacklisters, Humanfly, something must be feeding the land of the dark, satanic mills with pummelling riffs and fiendish intent.

New Heavy Sounds are proud to add Bradford's Cut Yourself In Half to this heavy pantheon. We caught a brief but bright glimpse of the four piece in 2012 to give us the single 'Say Goodbye To The World' garnering some great reviews and radio action to boot. Cut Yourself In Half hid themselves away, bunkering down in the Bradford grey to formulate the next steps of their master plan.

Completing the next stage of their plan, Cut Yourself In Half have delivered their debut album: an intense and total fucking monster. Produced at 2Fly studios Sheffield to white knuckle destruction by Dave Sanderson, engineer behind Black Moth's equally fearsome Killing Jar, Cut Yourself In Half are tighter than the bolts on the Frankenstein monster's neck and twice as terrifying.

Imagine, if you will, the molten stoner grooves of QOTSA and Red Fang, laced with a dose of acid psychedelics and a slab of Mastodon. Filter it through the grime of those dark satanic mills, atom smash it with a filthy wedge of screaming hardcore and metal, and play it like your bastard lives depend on it. That, my friends, is what Cut Yourself In Half sound like.

Why not find out for yourself, take advantage of this free download of track 'The End', taken from said debut. and is a rock hard chunk of rolling heavy riffs and dark abrasive noise, bursting with ideas and attitude. It's Fu Manchu on amphetamines and the shape of things to come.

Cut Yourself In Half's debut album will be released on New Heavy Sounds in April in a very special package. Along with fellow NHS doomsters Throne, Limb and Black Moth, these guys are going to be rippin' it up in 2013.