This is a review of "Snakes" recorded by Spirit Of John. The review was written by Gerard Leachman in 2013.

Thirteen minutes of good time music. Spirit Of John's second album 'Snakes' definitely does the job in revitalising the old west/ folk and country music style. Double bass has been brought back but what separates this from a lot of country/folk music is the aggression. The punk rock element to Spirit Of John's sound is what drives the music yet seems like a bit of a crutch. Another aspect that stops this being a simple repetition of what was being done a hundred years ago is the use of distortion. It creates another layer of sound that helps make the album a little distinctive. The album comes across as if it were actually a live album; that's not to say the production is bad, but the album has a raw edge to it that you wouldn't think could be created in a studio.

As stated before this album is only thirteen minutes long and its shortness is one of its best qualities. There is nothing particularly special about this album; the songs are good, but if this was an hour long boredom would definitely take over. That being said if you like old folk music but don't mind some aggressive guitar playing and a punk rock attitude then you'll like this.