This article was published in 2013.

Debut album 'The difficulties of...' available now!

After a stream of positive reviews of the debut EP 'The Broken Leg Sessions', West Yorkshire based 'Johnny Powell and the Big Sad Face of Infinity' return to release their debut album 'The difficulties of...', already reviewed as 'teetering on the edge of troubled genius'.

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The album artwork, lyrics, music and field recordings all deliberately intertwine to focus on the difficulties of maintaining a spiritual life in a materialistic age. Recorded in isolation over a 12-month period at Wainsgate Chapel, high on the Old Town moorland above Hebden Bridge, this album 'captures Powell's perma-frown in all its icy fragility'.

Fans of Mount Eerie, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy/Lytle, Mountain Goats and 'melancholic instability' in general will be interested in this album.

'Johnny Powell and the Big Sad Face of Infinity' is a 3-piece act featuring: Johnny Powell (The Dharma Bums), Paul Mill (Stans Magic Foot, The Lord) and Ian Hinton-Smith (Alfie, The Beep Seals, Badly Drawn Boy).

(All quotes taken from 24/7 Magazine, 2013)