This is a review of "Section II" recorded by Section II. The review was written by Glen Pinder in 2013.

Section II are a band that wear their influences on their sleeve like a badge of honour, taking the Joy Division mould and running amok with it, bringing us the sound of the early eighties filtered through the landscapes of twenty first century Britain.

First song on this three track ep is I Stand Alone a slow burning electro number, all low bass rumble with sparkling keyboard flourishes with themes of loss and confusion, a theme that seems to run through all three songs.

In the Dark is a future live favourite, bouncing along with mixed time signatures and the fattest of bass lines culminating in the sound of the car from Night Rider ram raiding the Ministry of Sound on eighties night.

Last song Look at you now, is both a claustrophobic tale of love gone wrong and a euphoric send off for said spurned love interest as keyboards soar above the backbeat, giving an electric orchestra feel through to the fade out.

The first release from Section II in quite some time sees them finding their feet again in the ever changing musical landscape, though treading close to pastiche they have enough hooks and tricks up their sleeve to sidestep such pit falls, maybe not re-inventing the wheel, just putting a new spin to it.