This article was published in 2013.

Q: What is the worst possible way to build up to the release of your debut album?

A: Have your vocalist be hit with the hideous misfortune of a collapsed lung and 40% chance of survival, just weeks before the release date!

This, dear friends, is the story of Superintendent...

Just week's before the release of debut 'First Offence' (Sept 2012 - Mighty Man Bear Records) Superintendent vocalist, Ad Phillips, was hospitalised with a collapsed lung. After testing, which revealed the issue to be cysts on the lung - blebs - a bout of surgery, a further collapsed lung episode and yes, more surgery, the singer was given the all clear in early 2013.

"When the situation with Ad unfolded, music, guitars, album releases, gigs, all became irrelevant. We just wanted our friend to not die and ultimately, to get better", commented bassist, Dan Westbrooke.

Superintendent are now picking themselves up again and have an EP planned for 2013, the aptly titled 'Lungs permitting...'.

"We kicked around a few titles, but it really couldn't have been anything else", adds drummer, Ric White.

The band is also gearing up for a string of dates, the first of which is Friday 23rd March in Leeds, at Santiagos, with Liber Necris and others, plus support slots in April with Leeds favourites, Eureka Machines.

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